Reaching your plus requires skills – mentally, physically and in interaction with others. Train with your peers to apply the skills needed to achieve your goal.

With a multitude of training topics and formats – from leadership to personal impact to negotiation; from online to blended to face-to-face – benefit from the topic and format which is right for you!

Set yourself and your organization up for timeless skills and new work competence

Training Approach

How we work
Whatever the topic, whether online or face-to-face:
all YOU+ trainings focus on YOU and your sustainable learning experience!

We learn best when we deeply emerge in a topic and directly put our learnings into practice.
So at YOU+ trainings you

  • set your own goal and desired training outcome
  • work on your own real-life case: a challenging situation you want to overcome, a new skill you need to master
  • gain insights into models, concepts and techniques and apply them to your case
  • exchange best practice and feedback with your peers
  • leave with concrete and pragmatic strategies, ideas and actions.

A variety of training methods boosts creativity. That’s why we design our trainings and workshops based on both proven, „classic“ learning activities and new work methods like design thinking or liberating structures.

Enrich your learning experience for a sustainable PLUS in your life and career!

Set yourself and your
organization up for
new work competence

New Work Approach

Leading a virtual team since 2013, Jennifer Westholt recognized firsthand the benefits – and drawbacks – of virtual teamwork and meetings. So years before the Corona virus led to an increase in online and hybrid working, she began to specialize in equipping individuals and teams with skills to master the challenges and leverage the benefits of virtual work.

How we work
Resulting from her years of online training experience, Jennifer developed the 4-7-20 collaboration principle ensuring maximum participation and an enjoyable learning experience. All virtual and blended learning programs at YOU+ train with this principle based on the attention level of adults in online settings, ensuring that you work on your highest level of focus and learn with a more sustainable impact.

Jennifer often shares Best Practice by training her peers in this method and they report excellent results.

Mindset & Behaviors
A growth mindset is the key to move from work to new work and leverage the oportunities of the new reality. A growth mindset enables you to build on the empowering beliefs from the present and to build new beliefs which make sense in the future. At YOU+ we focus on developing a growth mindset as the foundation for growing skills and behaviors.

New Work Topics

Collaborate and Communicate
Are you and your team suffering from too many DOMs (dull online meetings?) Is your creativity lagging and your stress level increasing? Here you learn to apply the tools to maximize effectiveness with minimum time when collaborating hybrid or virtually.

Shift your focus from platforms to people and from features to fun!

Leadership for Tomorrow
New Work requires new leadership. Develop the mindset and skills to empower your team to reach its full potential and leverage the advantages of remote or hybrid teams. Reflect on and choose the effective combination of traditional and agile methods that brings you and your team forward.

Catalyze new leadership skills to make New Work work!

Set yourself and
your organization up
for timeless skills

Timeless Training Topics

Timeless Trainings cover relevant topics for all areas of professional and personal life, whether interacting online or face-to-face.

YOU+ offers a multitude of trainings equipping you with the skills you need to reach your PLUS, including

  • Leading myself: Getting a grasp on your life with priority setting, self-marketing and career development
  • Creating (personal) impact: Leveraging your personality and nonverbal communication
  • Leading difficult conversations: Solving problems and conflicts with goal and partner orientation
  • Mastering sales: Pitching and negotiating successfully with customer focus and convincing strategies
  • Developing business: Moving business forward with stakeholder management and strategy workshops

We have profound global experience in trainings with a huge variety of target groups and training topics. Talk with us to find or develop the training which is just right for you.

Take charge of your development with a YOU+ timeless traininig!

Looking forward to moving forward – with YOU.

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