Inspiration drives our actions. Speeches invigorate inspiration on the spot.

With a group of like-minded people around you, you enjoy the best starting point for personal reflection, fruitful discussions and direct action taking. In which area could your organization use a little inspiration to move forward?

Get inspired

With her speeches Jennifer Westholt aims to be the spark to stimulate imagination and ideas for action.

Jennifer is

  • Empathic – putting herself in her audience’s shoes to tailor the message.
  • Engaging – interacting with the audience to keep attention high.

Her youth and dynamism are supplemented by a profound treasure trove of experience as an NGO builder in Africa, an entrepreneur and business builder – and a mother of 2 boys. The stories she tells and insights she brings from her own life lend authenticity and meaning to her message.

Most of all – Jennifer’s passion for people and their PLUS shines through, leaving her audience with one thought: „I can do it!“


Inspire your organization to reach their peak PLUS!


Looking forward to moving forward – with YOU.

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