Individual coaching is the highway to accomplishing your goals and achieving your PLUS.

Each session puts you in the focus with exactly what you need at this moment – inspiration, insights, techniques, skills and action steps – to lift you to the next level of achievement and fulfillment.

Take the highway to success – with you in the driver’s seat

Coaching Approach

Individual and team coaching is the highway to success because the absolute focus is on you and your goals.

You determine the direction of your own highway. The coach is a sparring partner who asks intensive questions aiming to help you reflect, to see things clearly and to discover your own way forward to your destination.

At YOU+ we believe that the right coach connects with you personally and actively builds trust because knowing that you are „in good hands“ is the (scientifically proven) basis of every learning. The right coach reads between the lines to understand your values, beliefs and behavioral patterns that drive your decisons every day to finally identify the lever that helps you most in a given moment. This lever might be a mental technique, a change of perspective, a winning strategy or an empowering skill you need to climb the next step.

We’d love to be the right coach for you. That’s why we apply coaching techniques from various approaches like Solution-Oriented Coaching, Systemic Coaching, Body Mind Coaching, NLP and more to draw what’s right for you.

You leave every coaching session with a result and concrete action steps. So the coaching route is an effective – and efficient – route to reaching your goal.


Take the highway to success – with you in the driver’s seat

Coaching Topics

Jennifer Westholt has coached countless individuals and teams all over the world to accomplish results on topics like

  • career development
  • personality development
  • individual, team and company strategy building
  • team and personal development
  • stengthening interactions
  • stress management
    … and many more…

Find out how her coachees have benefited from their coaching on the next pages.

Get on the fast track to success with an individual coaching!

Looking forward to moving forward – with YOU.

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